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Deafgard - Fire Alarm Warning System


Deafgard - Fire Alarm Warning System


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The Deafgard fire alarm warning system is an ideal product to help Hotels, B & B's and other residential facilities comply with the Equality Act 2010 (which replaced the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 - DDA.)

Deafgard is a stand-alone, fire alarm listening device for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Deafgard consists of a wire-free, battery powered, acoustically triggered bedside unit with a high intensity strobe and a vibrating pillow pad. The connected vibrator pad is placed under the pillow. When the Deafgard unit hears the fire alarm, the under-pillow pad vibrates waking the sleeper, whilst the activated flashing strobe and LCD provides a complementary visual indicator in case the guest is in the room but not in bed. The result is an immediate and effective motion and visual trigger which signals that the fire alarm is sounding, encouraging the individual to leave the building and move to a place of safety.

The fundamental principal is based on the requirement for fire alarms in residential accommodation to generate a minimum volume of sound at the bed headboard. It is this continuous level of sound which the Deafgard responds to. 

As no installation is required, units may be held for example at Hotel Reception and issued to a guest upon request. The Receptionist should shows the guest how to operate the system before guest takes the Deafgard to their room. 

A secondary, but rather useful, feature of the Deafgard is a vibrating alarm clock facility.

A Deafgard may certainly be used at home, but as it does not itself include a smoke/fire detector, the house would require an appropriate fire alarm system with adequate volume at the bed headboard.




System comprises:
1 Deafgard unit
1 Bag/cover
1 User guide
The Deafgard unit is powered by 4 C size alkaline batteries (supplied) - rechargeable batteries should not be used - battery life is in excess of one year with average vibrator activation.

Dimensions and weight:
Overall Height - 115mm
Base Unit Height - 55mm
Width - 165mm
Depth - 125mm
Packed Kit Weight (Gross) - 1037g
Product Only Weight, including batteries (Nett): 791g


Packed box size  170mm x 220mm x 145mm 

So how does a DeafGard work?

The operation of a DeafGard relies on the installation of a building fire alarm to BS5839-1:2002, (Clause 16.2).

‘’The sound pressure level of alarm signals should be generally, throughout all accessible areas of the building not less than 65dB(A) . . . . . where the sound pressure level of background noise is greater than 60dB(A), the sound pressure level of the fire alarm signal should be 5dB above the sound pressure level of thebackground noise.’’

It also states:The sound pressure level of alarm signals ‘’should be not less than75dB(A) at the bed head within rooms in which the fire alarm system is intended to rouse people from sleep’’.

The DeafGard itself knows nothing about smoke or fire, it is the continuing sound of the building fire alarm which the DeafGard responds to. For those with a technical interest the DeafGard trigger level is 65dB SPL with a 4 second sampling rate. If the DeafGard detects 65dB 4 times in a row a fire alert will be activated.

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Deafgard - Fire Alarm Warning System (40FDGSYS)

Reviewed by: Hugo Jones

Not installation required. Easy to use and our guests love it. FANTASTIC!

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