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At Connevans we have many years of experience providing equipment to support deaf and hard of hearing people at work. Often the right technology can literally make the difference between staying in your current job or not.

We offer a wide range of equipment that can make a big difference at work, in meetings, presentations and training courses, when making telephone calls and in many other situations. We can also carry out training in the workplace on all of the equipment we provide and are pleased to work closely with employees, employers and disability assessors to help find the most appropriate solution for each individual’s needs.

Access to Work
The Government’s Access to Work scheme can provide you and your employer with advice and may pay some or all of the costs of the specialist equipment that you need at work. To find out more, speak to the Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) at your local Jobcentre or visit

Calling all Access to Work and Disabled Student Allowance Assessors!
Assessors are very often dealing with a diverse range of disabilities and therefore cannot be expected to be experts in every field ‒ they are expert in assessing where the user needs assistance from technology. Connevans specialise in equipment for deaf and hard of hearing people and are very happy to discuss ndividual needs with assessors so that together we can ensure that the correct equipment is provided. We also run Assessor training and update workshops around the country. Please speak to Richard or John on 01737 247571 if you would like to discuss equipment prior to or following an assessment visit or to book a place at a workshop.

To request a quotation for equipment, please email

fmGenie radio aid packages recommended for work
fmGenie radio aid packages recommended for work
An fmGenie system can be invaluable in meetings, training sessions and any situation where listening is difficult. This can be due to background noise, poor room acoustics or a large distance between the listener and the person talking - all of which are very common in most workplaces!
Roger radio aid system bundles for  Work & Call Centres
Roger radio aid system bundles for Work & Call Centres
Phonak Roger radio aid systems combine discreet design with the latest digital technology to provide high quality, flexible solutions at work - often funding is available through the government's Access to Work scheme (ATW)
Roger Table Mic
Roger Table Mic
The Roger Table Mic is a wireless microphone especially designed for people with a hearing loss who participate in small and large meetings at work
for those who wish to have both hands free while on the phone eg. in the office
In-line telephone handset amplifiers
In-line telephone handset amplifiers
amplifiers you can add into the curly cord to the handset of your present telephone
On-Site Vibrating Pager Systems
On-Site Vibrating Pager Systems
Connevans offer the Scope Communications range of vibrating paging systems for installation in commercial and industrial premises.


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