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Personal stereo blue plug direct input leads

Users of direct input hearing aids can listen directly to a personal stereo or any other equipment with a headphone socket (3.5mm stereo)... iPods...tablets...... electronic keyboards... hi-fi... computers... and lots more!

Between us we can boldly send you with your direct input hearing aids anywhere that a pair of headphones can go!

Here are the leads but you will also need the appropriate direct input shoes for your hearing aid which may be found in the 'Hearing Aid Direct Input Shoes' section from the left hand panel.

Which of the leads below should I choose? We offer two choices - V leads for use with two hearing aids and single leads for use with one hearing aid - we even offer you choice of lengths!

Information and FAQs on hearing aid direct input can be found here . We've also produced a ' Beginners Guide to Direct Input' which you might find useful if you're new to direct input. 

Please note - with Oticon hearing aids the listening volume using a personal stereo direct input lead can be quiet.  Therefore, if you have an Oticon hearing aid, we recommend that instead you should use an fmGenie direct input lead.

Monaural  hearing aid blue plug 'both channel' direct input leads
Monaural hearing aid blue plug 'both channel' direct input leads
for use with one hearing aid to hear both stereo channels
Audio and FM adaptors for use with Bahas
Audio and FM adaptors for use with Bahas
allows a direct connection with MP3 players, Hi Fi's, FM systems etc.
3m Stereo 3.5mm extension lead
Stereo 3.5mm socket to plug extension lead - 3 metre.

(£1.50 ex VAT) Part no: MXA121A
Stereo 3.5mm extension lead 5 metre
3.5 mm stereo jack extension lead 5 m.

(£1.06 ex VAT) Part no: MXA121AA
In-line 3.5mm stereo headphone volume control - 270mm
An in-line 3.5mm volume control which is suitable for headphone/earphone use

(£3.95 ex VAT) Part no: X35ESVOL3


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