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Amplified telephones - corded

Connevans offer a range of special feature telephones, all chosen with hard of hearing people in mind and each to fit a particular need.

Because we have so many corded phones, to make it easier to choose, we have split the phones into two categories - Big Button Phones & Conventional Button Phones.

The comparison and feature chart below is in print friendly Acrobat Reader pdf format

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All these telephones may be used with or without a hearing aid.

Will a hearing aid compatible telephone help?
As a rule of thumb, if a hearing aid user cannot have a conversation without lipreading (easily tried by covering your mouth) they are also unlikely to successfully hold a telephone conversation even using a hearing aid compatible telephone. 
Big Button Amplified Corded Telephones
Big Button Amplified Corded Telephones
ideal for anybody with dexterity issues, we have a wide selection of big button telephones with a range of different features to suit a variety of needs
Conventional Button Amplified Corded Telephones
Conventional Button Amplified Corded Telephones
amplified corded telephones designed to help those with a high frequency hearing loss
Amplified Cordless Telephones - Combos
Amplified Cordless Telephones - Combos
These phones are all combination packages! They include both an amplified corded telephone AND a cordless DECT handset - ideal for multi-user households.
Telephone Spares and Accessories
Telephone Spares and Accessories
Telephone headsets, neckloops, cables, adaptors and other phone wiring accessories.


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