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In-line telephone handset amplifiers

A useful product to substantially boost the listening volume of your existing telephone. Ideal for those who find their telephone not as loud as it used to be!
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Connevans offer a choice of in-line telephone amplifiers each with their own advantages. The following is the view of the Connevans evaluation panel.

T-Loud is good value product with a reasonable 20dB amplification, with some telephones there can be fractional delay when turning on.   

The PL51 has sliding volume and tone controls with a nice long physical slider movement which makes adjustment easier and the changes appear more gradual. The PL51 has the rather nice feature of a 3.5 output socket for use with headphones, neck loop or direct input. There is a boost button which operates whilst it is held down and gives a doubling boost.

These amplifiers are for use with corded phones with detachable handsets. Connection is very easy and the same for all models – the in-line amplifier is connected between the ‘curly’ handset cable and the telephone base unit (via the 4 pin modular RG10 connector).  Basically, the ‘curly’ handset is unplugged from the phone and the in-line amplifier connected instead. The handset cable is then plugged into the in-line amplifier - see illustration at bottom of page.

All the in-line telephone amplifiers have a battery and an automatic ‘turn off’ when not in use.
Please note that if you try to use an in-line telephone amplifier with an already amplified telephone you will probably have problems with feedback and distorted sound from the handset.
T-Loud in line telephone handset amplifier
A useful product to substantially boost the listening volume of your existing telephone.

(£19.07 ex VAT) Part no: 40TLOUD
Sarabec PL51 in-line telephone handset amplifier
Sarabec PL51 PhonePlus in line telephone handset amplifier.A useful product to substantially boost the listening volume...

          4 reviews

(£23.50 ex VAT) Part no: 40TPL51

How is an in-line amplifier connected?

The in-line telephone handset amplifier connects between the curly handset cable and the telephone - if you do not have a handset with a curly plug in cable you have no where to plug it in, in which case you cannot use this product.

Frequently asked questions about in-line amplifiers

Can I fit an in-line amplifier to my amplified phone (E.g. BT Big Button, Geemarc CL100)?
Physically 'yes' but in practice we could not recommend adding an in-line amplifier to a telephone that already has a built-in amplifier, because the speech will become distorted and whilst it will be much louder it will also be uncomfortable in use and very difficult to understand !

Can I fit an in-line amplifier to my wall-mounted gondola type phone (the keypad is in the handset)?
No – because there is no telephone cord between the handset and a base there is nowhere to plug in the in-line amplifier. 

Can I use an inline amplifier with a cordless phone?
No – how could you? There is nowhere to plug it in!

Can I use an in-line amplifier with my phone at the office ?
'Usually, yes' - but occasionally we find phones with which they will not work.

What about digital line telephones ?
As the in line amplifier is fitted in the handset curly cord whether the telephone is digital or analogue is not relevant.


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