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Stereo headphones for TV listening

Connevans offer headphones suitable for connecting into televisions. TV listening headphones have inline volume controls and are ideal for those who wish to listen without disturbing others.

(Whether or not your TV loudspeaker will be muted depends on your TV.)

Note: these headphones do not provide additional amplification

Should you require amplification for listening to the TV can we suggest considering the amplified products here.

Microbud in the ear earphones
Microbud in the ear earphones

          2 reviews

(£20.50 ex VAT) Part no: 132MIC?
Deluxe digital headphones for TV listening
professional digital headphones with volume control and TV headphone conversion kit - great value for money

      2 reviews

(£15.65 ex VAT) Part no: MHEAD3A
Stereo TV Headphones with volume control & 5m lead
Stereo TV Headphones with volume control & 5m lead

£5.99 £6.41
(£4.99 ex VAT) Part no: MX101306
3m Stereo 3.5mm extension lead
Stereo 3.5mm socket to plug extension lead - 3 metre.

(£1.50 ex VAT) Part no: MXA121A
Stereo 3.5mm extension lead 5 metre
3.5 mm stereo jack extension lead 5 m.

(£1.06 ex VAT) Part no: MXA121AA
In-line 3.5mm stereo headphone volume control - 270mm
An in-line 3.5mm volume control which is suitable for headphone/earphone use

(£3.95 ex VAT) Part no: X35ESVOL3
3.5mm doubler Y cable
stereo 'doubler' to provide two sockets where only one is available

        1 review

(£3.99 ex VAT) Part no: MX100330
Mono/Stereo Headphones with volume control
Full sized Hi-Fi headphones with a mono/stereo switch, independent left and right volume controls, adjustable padded headband...

          1 review

(£9.39 ex VAT) Part no: MX100616


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