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fmGenie radio aid packages recommended for work

An fmGenie system can be invaluable in meetings, training sessions and any situation where listening is difficult. This can be due to background noise, poor room acoustics or a large distance between the listener and the person talking - all of which are very common in most workplaces!

fmGenie equipment is usually ordered as a system including accessories and spares; the following sample quotations cover the systems that fill most people's requirements at work. Should you require help with choosing fmGenie equipment please contact us:

Onsite User Training

All radio aid systems are supplied with full instructions and support cards and are easy to set up and use. Telephone and email support is always available free of charge. However, we also offer a bespoke on-site setup and training visit for individual systems where we will tailor the session to the specific needs of the user. Prices start at £480 (£400 ex VAT), depending on location.

Our friendly and approachable trainer will spend as long as is required to get the system working in your specific environment and to ensure that you are happy and confident about all the different ways the equipment can work for you. We would strongly recommend this service for those in employment situations where the radio aid eeds to interact with existing equipment, for example the office telephone system. Please contact Richard or John in Customer Services to discuss your individual requirements.

Neck loop & conference microphone fmGenie package - FMGQ4-N
for individuals wishing to use a conference microphone for use in meetings, seminars etc with a neck loop

          1 review

Shipping Discount
(£649.90 ex VAT) Part no: FMGQ4N
Call Centre fmGenie package - FMGQ12
A complete fmGenie package that provides a high quality hands-free telephone/telesales facility for people who wear hearing...

Shipping Discount
(£790.00 ex VAT) Part no: FMGQ12
fmGenie transmitter set - FMGQ9
standard Team Teaching package - a second fmGenie transmitter for use by a second speaker or connection to a TV

Shipping Discount
(£284.49 ex VAT) Part no: FMGQ9


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