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Signolux Alerting System

A versatile, compact & effective visual and audio signalling system – with a 200m range, the Signolux can alert you to a range of sounds from around the house.

The system is based around a portable chime unit which receives signals from the transmitters and alerts you to the different events with a flashing symbol, adjustable loud sound (up to 90dB) and a bright strobe light. For each transmitter, you can chose from 15 different sounds and 8 visual icons, plus you can have multiple transmitters and any number of chime units, allowing you to fully customise your system.

The chime is battery operated and easily portable. Additional optional accessories include a vibrating pillow pad for night-time use, a flash module for an even brighter flash and a sound module for an even louder sound.

Several different transmitters are available:

  • Acoustic Transmitter – picks up sound such as a door entry system buzzer or a crying baby.
  • Telephone & Direct Connection Transmitter – is directly connected to the telephone, existing doorbell or alarm system.
  • Two styles of bellpush transmitters for door and person-to-person alerting.
  • Optical smoke alarm.
Signolux doorbell system
Signolux system with a vertical doorbell push

(£52.49 ex VAT) Part no: 42S700
Signolux doorbell system with vibrating pad
Signolux system with a vertical doorbell push & vibrating pillow pad

(£64.99 ex VAT) Part no: 42S701
Signolux system for door and telephone
this Signolux system bundle comes with a doorbell push and a telephone transmitter

(£78.99 ex VAT) Part no: 42S702
Signolux system for day and night, for front & back door and telephone
this Signolux system bundle comes with 2 doorbell pushes, 2 chime units, a bed vibrator and a telephone transmitter. One...

(£143.98 ex VAT) Part no: 42SB1
Signolux system for door entry system
this Signolux system bundle comes with an acoustic transmitter to alert you to an existing door entry buzzer system

(£77.48 ex VAT) Part no: 42SB2
Signolux day and night baby alerting system
Our recommended solution for deaf parents that will alert to tell you when baby is making a noise

(£147.44 ex VAT) Part no: 42SB3
Signolux acoustic transmitter
this Signolux transmitter can be used to pick up audio signals from different sources such as an existing doorbell or...

(£24.99 ex VAT) Part no: 42S720
Signolux telephone/direct connection transmitter
this Signolux transmitter is connected into a BT socket and will alert you when the telephone rings.

(£24.99 ex VAT) Part no: 42S721
Signolux door bell push
vertical doorbell push for Signolux system - also suitable as a personal call button

(£12.49 ex VAT) Part no: 42S710
Signolux landscape bell push
landscape doorbell push with name plate for Signolux system

(£12.49 ex VAT) Part no: 42S711
Signolux optical smoke detector
this smoke detector transmitter works seamlessly with the Signolux alerting system.

(£81.99 ex VAT) Part no: 42S725
Signolux Portable Vibrating Pager
A spare/additional vibrating wireless receiver unit for the Signolux alerting system

(£57.99 ex VAT) Part no: 42S706
Signolux additional chime unit
a spare/additional wireless chime receiver unit for the Signolux alerting system

(£41.99 ex VAT) Part no: 42S704
Signolux Portable Receiver/Pager charging cradle (only)
A docking station/charger for the Signolux portable receiver / pager unit

(£27.99 ex VAT) Part no: 42S707
Signolux Alarmo Detector for Smoke Alarms
Great for hard of hearing users, the Alarmo detects alarm sounds from existing smoke alarms without the need for any modification...

(£92.99 ex VAT) Part no: 42S726
Sarabec tie clip Microphone - 600mm lead
External microphone for use with Sarabec loop amplifiers, Sarabec Crescendos, Signolux systems and Swing TV listeners....

(£12.49 ex VAT) Part no: 91CMIC2
Vibrator for Time Flash, travelTim, iBell2, VC10 and Signolux
40CLTFVIB Vibrator for Time Flash, travelTim, iBell2 and VC10. Also compatible with Signolux alerting system and freeTel...

(£15.99 ex VAT) Part no: 40CLTFVIB
C alkaline batteries - GP Ultra - pack of 2
GP Ultra C alkaline battery - pack of 2

Shipping Discount
(£1.62 ex VAT) Part no: MBNCX2
(£1.90 ex VAT) Part no: MX656264
Acoustic Sensor for Doro RingPlus & Signolux
Acoustic Sensor for Doro RingPlus & Signolux

(£13.50 ex VAT) Part no: 40TRINGPL
Signolux mains power supply 7.5V 1.5A UK plug
Mains adaptor for use with Signolux units - 7.5V 1.5A UK plug

(£7.99 ex VAT) Part no: 42SPSU


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