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Impression material and accessories

A range of material, equipment and accessories for the professional for use in taking ear impressions.

oto-soft is a high quality brand from a German manufacturer, exclusively available through Connevans.

We are able to offer two alternative methods of mixing and inserting the impression material. Our recommended choice is the cartridge and injector gun. This is less time consuming and less messy as all mixing is done by the disposable mixing canula. However we also offer the Soft IT material which is mixed manually using a spatula. For more information about either of these, please see below or contact us on 01737 247571 or by email to

Please note: these items are not for use by unqualified individuals or for use at home. Taking ear impressions can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing!

Oto-soft dual impression material cartridges
pack of 8 dual cartridges of impression material - for use with the Oto-soft injector gun and mixing canula

(£47.50 ex VAT) Part no: 3B2100
Oto-soft mixing canula
pack of 100 mixing canulas (cannulas or canulae!) - for use with the Oto-soft injector gun and dual cartridge. Available...

(£33.68 ex VAT) Part no: 3B212
Oto-soft injector gun
re-usable manual injector gun for use with the oto-soft dual cartridge and mixing canulas

(£36.51 ex VAT) Part no: 3B2142
Oto-soft foam impression pads
box of 100 soft foam cylindrical impression pads

(£10.48 ex VAT) Part no: 3B2029
Oto-soft Duo foam impression pad
box of 75 duo foam cylindrical impression pads - our recommended choice

(£12.17 ex VAT) Part no: 3B2165
Oto-soft Soft IT impression material
pack of two tubs of impression material for manual mixing

(£56.22 ex VAT) Part no: 3B2101
Oto-soft measuring spoons
pack of two plastic measuring spoons for use with Oto-soft Soft IT impression material

(£0.94 ex VAT) Part no: 3B2025
Oto-soft glass mixing slate
glass mixing slate for use with Oto-soft Soft IT impression material

(£5.59 ex VAT) Part no: 3B2022
Oto-soft mixing spatula
sturdy mixing spatula for use with Oto-soft Soft IT impression material

(£15.21 ex VAT) Part no: 3B2023
Oto-soft syringe
plastic syringe for use with Oto-soft Soft IT impression material - available in 2 colours

(£19.84 ex VAT) Part no: 3B20
Aurascopes & Otolights
Aurascopes & Otolights
for the professional


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