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Cochlear & Baha Wireless Accessories

Cochlear™ Wireless Accessories make it easy to connect with the people and devices you want to hear. You can enjoy crystal clear speech and sound delivered directly to your Baha 4, Baha 5, Nucleus 6, Nucleus 7 or Kanso sound processor for a truly wireless experience.

Cochlear Wireless Accessories are easy to set up and use. You simply press the pairing button on the device, and then insert the battery in your sound processor. That’s it – you’re connected. Once set up, you can easily switch the accessories on and off with a push of a button. If the connection is broken (when you go out of range), it will automatically reconnect when you are back in range.

If you have any questions or queries about these products, please contact Customer Services on 01737 247571 or by email.

Cochlear Mini Microphone 2
Compact and discreet wireless mini microphone 2 optimised for personal, one to one communication

(£210.60 ex VAT) Part no: DCBA770841
Cochlear Mini Microphone 2+
Ideal for use at work, the wireless Mini Microphone 2+ is perfect for communicating with individuals and in groups. Compatible...

(£302.40 ex VAT) Part no: DCBA770845
Cochlear Baha 4 & 5, Nucleus 6 & 7 & Kanso Wireless Phone Clip
wireless hands-free phone device for use with Cochlear Baha 4 & 5 and Cochlear Kanso & Nucleus 6 & 7 sound processors

(£210.60 ex VAT) Part no: DCBA94772
Cochlear Baha 4 & 5, Nucleus 6 & 7 and Kanso Wireless TV Streamer
wireless TV streamer for use with Cochlear Baha 4, Baha 5 and Cochlear Nucleus 6 & 7 and Kanso sound processors

(£210.60 ex VAT) Part no: DCBA94762
Sennheiser USB Bluetooth Dongle
a small USB dongle that can be discretely plugged into your PC allowing you to connect to a range of bluetooth enabled...

(£57.50 ex VAT) Part no: 98BTD800
Cochlear Baha 4 & 5 Remote Control
wireless remote control for use with Cochlear Baha 4 & 5

(£210.60 ex VAT) Part no: DCBA94792


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