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Toupee tape, hearing aid retainers & protective covers

Ear Gear
Ear Gear
protects your BTE hearing instrument from loss, dirt and sweat
Non-allergenic Toupee tape
Non-allergenic sticky tape to stop hearing aids, wigs or dresses etc. flapping around.

(£4.80 ex VAT) Part no: MTOUPEE
Phonak Stick 'n Stay hearing aid sticky pads
Pack of 30 pairs of clear sticky pads to stop hearing aids flapping around. Easy and quick to use

(£13.89 ex VAT) Part no: 3PASTICK
Hearing aid retention cord and clip
a plain blue Hearing aid retaining clip set - ideal for adults with dementia or memory loss who might lose their hearing...

(£9.10 ex VAT) Part no: 3B110106
Phonak Leo the Lion kids clip
Hearing aid retaining clip set - great for kids.

      1 review

(£4.09 ex VAT) Part no: 3PEKC
Oticon SafeLine hearing aid retention cord
The Oticon SafeLine cord slips easily onto the hearing aids to avoid losing them

(£7.00 ex VAT) Part no: 3O137035
Safety line
safety line for Baha

(£4.00 ex VAT) Part no: DCBA711
Hearing Aids Storage Box - red
plastic storage box with lid for keeping hearing aids safe when not in use. Bright red colour for easy identification...

(£1.57 ex VAT) Part no: 3TBOX1R


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