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Siemens miniTek & easyTek and hearing aid remote controls

Siemens miniTek is the ultimate wireless accessory for your Siemens hearing instruments. It is an automatic streamer, sending sound from your favourite audio devices wirelessly to your hearing instruments. Yet it’s also a remote, so you can use it to control your hearing instruments and high-tech gadgets. And thanks to its sophisticated technology, you enjoy sound in true stereo as well.

miniTek is a combined streamer and remote control that connects wearers to multiple audio devices simultaneously:

  • Bluetooth mobile phones link automatically to miniTek
  • TVs and stereos link to miniTek via the Tek transmitter
  • Two Tek transmitters can be linked to miniTek at once, allowing wearers multiple connections to TVs and stereos
  • Bluetooth landline phones are compatible with miniTek.
  • Up to two landline and/or mobile phones can work at once Use the built-in T-coil listening facility to listen in situations where an induction loop is installed eg. bank counters, theatres & churches
  • An FM ear level receiver (available separately)can be plugged into the miniTek
  • Laptops can be connected via Bluetooth or wired to a Tek transmitter


Please note that the miniTek needs to be set up for each audio source that the user requires. This is done in the hearing aid programming software by their audiologist. For example, just because the Bluetooth connection to the phone works does not mean that the Tek Transmitter will work unless it has been set up correctly.



Siemens miniPocket Teneo hearing aid remote control
Siemens miniPocket Teneo hearing aid remote control, the size of a car key, for patients who do not use a smart phone....

(£91.00 ex VAT) Part no: 3SMP
Siemens easyPocket remote control
The easyPocket is a standard remote control with a sleek design, large easy to use buttons and an easy to read display...

(£98.80 ex VAT) Part no: 3SMEPCT1
Siemens easyTek audio streamer
easyTek is a lightweight audio streamer and remote control which connects your hearing aids to bluetooth enabled devices,...

          1 review

(£238.50 ex VAT) Part no: 3SMETEK1
Siemens miniTek including Tek Transmitter
miniTek is wireless companion for your Siemens hearing aids. It is an automatic streamer and an intuitive remote control....

          1 review

(£238.50 ex VAT) Part no: 3SMTEK1
Siemens VoiceLink Microphone transmitter
microphone transmitter for use with the Siemens miniTek or easyTek.

(£88.00 ex VAT) Part no: 3SMVL1
Siemens easyTek / miniTek TV Transmitter
Siemens easyTek/miniTek TV Transmitter connects TVs without Bluetooth functionality to the easyTek

(£65.50 ex VAT) Part no: 3SMETTV
Spare Neckloop for Siemens easyTek audio streamer
Spare antenna neckloop for the easyTek audio streamer

(£8.00 ex VAT) Part no: 3SMETSP1
Power supply set for Siemens miniTek
spare/replacement power supply for either miniTek or Tek Transmitter. Supplied with 4 country specific plugs for worldwide...

(£15.98 ex VAT) Part no: 3SMTPSU
Siemens miniTek Pouch
protective pouch for Siemens miniTek - available in black or grey

(£8.00 ex VAT) Part no: 3SMTP
Pocket clip for Siemens miniTek
spare/replacement pocket clip for use with the Siemens miniTek

(£9.00 ex VAT) Part no: 3SMTC
Sennheiser USB Bluetooth Dongle
a small USB dongle that can be discretely plugged into your PC allowing you to connect to a range of bluetooth enabled...

(£57.50 ex VAT) Part no: 98BTD800


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