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Stereo headset or headphones/earphones are ideal for hard of hearing people who do not have a hearing aid and need to increase the TV volume. In many cases, although they may be able to hear the television, the volume is often too loud for others in the room. All these systems offer excellent stereo sound quality.

Non-hearing aid users can also use any of the neckloop systems with a pair of 3.5mm stereo headphones.



Click here to view our Wireless listening devices comparison chart for an overview of the systems we offer and comments from our evaluation panel.
Amplicomms TV 2500 Digital amplified TV Listener
This TV listener has an ear-worn receiver with a built-in microphone for listening to conversation with family and friends....

(£98.99 ex VAT) Part no: 93ITV2500 Currently out of stock
Amplicomms TV 200 Wireless Infra-red TV Listener
An infra red TV listener with an extra loud volume of up to 112dB and a built in microphone for personal listening -...

          1 review

(£49.99 ex VAT) Part no: 93ITV200
Introson headset TV & Personal Listener with TOSlink
The Introson offers high quality sound plus TOSlink, free from background noise with easy to use controls, great for those...

(£94.99 ex VAT) Part no: 93RINTHS
Infralight SWING Headset System with TOSlink audio input
Infralight SWING with headset for use by non hearing aid users - now with TOSlink port

£119.99 £131.99
(£99.99 ex VAT) Part no: 93ISTHS
SWING Digital Headset System with TOSlink audio input
SWING Digital with headset for use by non hearing aid users - now with TOSlink port

(£139.99 ex VAT) Part no: 93SDTHS
Geemarc CL7400 foldable wireless Headphones
hear the television again with the CL7400 wireless tv listener

          2 reviews

£122.40 £138.79
(£102.00 ex VAT) Part no: 93RCL7400S
Introson neckloop or headset TV & Personal Listener with TOSlink
A TV & Personal Listener with neck loop & headset offering high quality sound & TOSlink for hard of hearing people or...

£113.99 £119.99
(£94.99 ex VAT) Part no: 93RINTNLH

Wireless TV listening: which system to choose - infra red or digital?
Infra Red: Operates within line-of-sight in the same room. The advantage with infra red is that several systems can be used in adjacent rooms making it eminently suitable for multiple occupancy residences.

Digital Radio:  Can be used anywhere within the range of the transmitter. This allows freedom of movement around the same or adjacent rooms. Also good for those with visual impairment as it doesn’t require line-of-sight use.

Our experience is that Infra red is the most popular choice for TV listening whereas the Digital systems are a better choice for use with a radio or hi-fi because you can listen in the next room or nearby garden. Remember that digital Freeview, Sky & Cable TV now includes radio channels. If you have a plasma TV, we recommend purchasing a digital, rather than infra red, system to avoid the possibility of interference.


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