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On-Site Vibrating Pager Systems

Connevans offer the Scope Communications range of vibrating paging systems for installation in commercial and industrial premises.
During the years that Connevans have been supplying Scope paging equipment, a high reputation for good value and reliable systems has been established. We offer three systems, the PageTekPro, PageTek 2 and Connexions 3 system.
All are extremely versatile systems that can provide multiple alerts with messages to the user advising them of what is happening. The combination of a vibrating pager with an alphanumeric message will keep deaf and hard of hearing people safeguarded and informed.

As  site survey   should be carried out on all sites before purchase any of the products listed below.

PageTek Pro - The primary choice for use with professional Fire and Security systems. It is an “industrial strength” paging system designed to comply with the recommendations detailed in BS5839-1: 2002 for alerting hearing impaired people to the activation of a Fire Alarm System. A connection to an external system, such as a school bell or call button is possible. The PageTek pro has a 3 zone capability.

Whilst the PageTek Pro fire alerting system will not work with the windows based message programme a Connexions 3 system may be added to send messages to the same pagers as the PageTek Pro.

PageTek 2 – an exceptionally flexible progammable UHF POCSAG transmitter, available as 4 or 8 zone models which will automatically send messages direct to vibrating pagers. This system is typically used for use with plant monitoring and security systems.

Connexions 3– all the features of the PageTek 2 but with the option of use with Page-Link Pro, a windows based software package, to send messages. Messages may be free typed, chosen from a range of pre-programmed messages or coupled with diary scheduling functions to remind people about meetings or other duties.

Integration with fire systems: In recent years Connevans has supplied the PageTek 2 and Connexions 3 paging system for integration with fire systems however, with the release of the PageTek Pro, we have now made this our usual recommended system. The range and type of pagers is similar between the two systems but the PageTek Pro system has self monitoring & diagnostic functions. A good PageTek Pro system feature is the introduction of an out of range indicator which gives an alert and displays “No service” on the pager if the radio link is lost.

Although the current Pagetek 2 paging equipment does not meet all of the new recommendations some employers are expected to continue to assess the PageTek 2 as appropriate and acceptable – as long as there are additional fire precautions in place and the pager user is not isolated.


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