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Assistive listening - general

Assistive listening devices (or ALDs) for use by those with or without a hearing aid. Equally suited for TV and audio listening or to help visitors with hearing problems.

The Crescendo 60 is a neat design with good sound quality and a variable tone control. The supplied tie clip microphone provides the best sound pickup, e.g. a conversation in the car.

The Crescendo 60 has a 3 position switch in the battery compartment to change between microphone (either internal or external), audio input from TV SCART etc. and loop pickup.

The Crescendo 60 would be our recommended ALD choice for TV listening & home use. It has easy-grip volume and tone controls, good for those with limited dexterity and vision.

The Comfort Duett is an extremely easy to use premium personal listener with a very good level

of amplification and an effective tone control.

In the opinion of our evaluation panel, the shape and design of this amplifier makes it great for
those who want a device which is practical, effective and easy to handle. The audio performance is
very good.

The Communicator is a basic, lightweight stetoclip listener with high quality sound. It is now available in a variety of colours.

The Communicator is ideal for use where health professionals need to communicate with patients and would be our recommended choice for use in hospitals and care homes. With no connecting wires it is easy and hygienic to use.

Crescendo assistive listeners
Crescendo assistive listeners
Battery powered personal amplifier equipment
Comfort Duett
Comfort Duett
An easy-to-use hearing amplifier
Communicator amplifier for hard of hearing people
A lightweight personal headset amplifier with a built in microphone - a great personal communicator.

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