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Smoke alarm systems

Connevans supply a comprehensive range of smoke & fire alarm systems for the regular domestic market together with additional accessories for deaf & hard of hearing people.

Choosing which smoke alarm system for your home  ‒ itʼs easier than it may look!

Wi-Safe2 by FireAngel.   This simple to use, flexible, wireless fire alarm system can be adapted to suit individual needs - as supplied by many Fire & Rescue Services. Installation is very quick as no wires are needed. When a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is triggered elsewhere in your home, the warning handset, vibrating pillow pad or strobe alarms, give you precious time to escape, by waking you earlier.  

Aico Ei RadioLINK ‒ wirefree DIY , the easiest choice and the least disturbance. The Ei RadioLINK smoke alarm system uses radio rather than cabling to interlink the units. Without any interconnecting wires it is a very easy and fast system to install and there is no disturbance to the house decoration. Although the Ei RadioLINK units are more costly than wired system units the reduced time  cost of a tradesman installing this system will usually prove the Ei RadioLINK to be a cost effective solution ‒ and your wallpaper and plaster will be left intact. The individual smoke heads are battery powered and for those concerned about the need of routine battery replacement there is a 10 year life lithium battery model.

Aico Ei176 Mains control panel, strobe & vibrator
‒ wired DIY. The unit is mains powered with a rechargeable battery backup. The control panel has a strobe and vibrator with the option to add a second vibrator or strobe. An extension strobe has a 10 metre lead so it could be fitted downstairs for day use if wished. Additional interlinked smoke alarm heads, powered from the control panel, may be added to cover the whole house. This system can power up to 12 interconnected smoke alarm heads. The package is straightforward to install; the control panel can be plugged into a 13A socket and the system is certainly suitable for DIY installation. Control panels can be interlinked to provide cover in more than one bedroom.

We also offer the Aico Ei160 series products with both mains powered and 10 year life battery system options as well as the Aico Ei140RC series smoke alarms.

Wi-Safe2 by FireAngel
Wi-Safe2 by FireAngel
one of the UK's leading suppliers of Smoke Alarms to the Fire & Rescue Services
Aico Ei RadioLINK wire free smoke alarm system
Aico Ei RadioLINK wire free smoke alarm system
wire free radio technology gives ease and speed of installation, especially suited to decorated properties
Aico Ei deaf alarm control panel, vibrator & strobe
Aico Ei deaf alarm control panel, vibrator & strobe
the ideal choice for those with DIY skills and the time to use them
Aico Ei160 series mains modular fire alarm
Aico Ei160 series mains modular fire alarm
extending an existing Aico house system to include a control panel with vibrator & strobe
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Carbon Monoxide alarms from several manufactures. They all provide high quality, reliable detection of Carbon Monoxide (CO).
Deafgard - Fire Alarm Warning System
Deafgard is a battery operated device designed to rouse deaf and hard of hearing people in hotel bedrooms where an audible...

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£234.00 £252.00
(£195.00 ex VAT) Part no: 40FDGSYS
Gas Detector alarm for natural or LPG gas
Gas Detector alarm detecting the leakage of natural gas and liquid petroleum gas

(£11.82 ex VAT) Part no: MX350134


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