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Ultrasonic cleaning baths

What you should know about Ultrasound...

Ultrasonic cleaning is widely used in many fields of industry both in manufacture and service. Since the use of solvents has had to be restricted for environmental reasons, ultrasonic cleaning and aqueous cleaning fluids offer themselves as one of the safest and best alternatives.

So what – what have I got to clean? Earmoulds! Earmoulds are ideally suited for being ultrasonically cleaned because you have to admit they can get fairly ‘nasty’!

How does it work?
Very, very simply, ultrasound frequencies create a multitude of imploding microscopic bubbles (called Cavitation Bubbles) which flush out dirt in a way that ordinary cleaning can’t and reaches the parts that other cleaning methods find hard to reach!

This is a considerable simplification of a complex process, but the reality is that it works – and for anyone who has to deal with more than a few earmoulds, it can be a real help. It is also very useful for quickly and efficiently cleaning other small parts such as tubes, earmould adaptors, stetoclips etc.

What is needed?

Apart from the ultrasound bath and it's basket, you need a diluted liquid cleaning agent. Our cleaning fluid, Disclene, is a biodegradable disinfectant cleaning agent for medical and dental applications which contains a powerful bactericidal detergent to sterilise and safeguard items. 

Bransonic 200 Ultrasonic cleaning bath
supplied complete with plastic basket and lid

(£113.75 ex VAT) Part no: 3TUB200
Ultrasonic detergent V1LQCD cleaning agent
5 litre bottle of ultrasonic cleaning agent

(£21.90 ex VAT) Part no: MDISCL5
Latex gloves - powder free - box of 100
Powder free latex gloves in a range of sizes - box of 100 single gloves

(£7.01 ex VAT) Part no: 3HGLOV


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