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Personal Pager Systems

People with hearing difficulties have problems in being alerted to household sounds such as ringing bells, smoke alarms, crying babies, etc. The Connevans Personal Pager System (PPS433) provides a flexible solution to these problems allowing the wearer to relax and enjoy life confident of being alerted to the telephone, doorbell etc., wherever they are around the house or garden.

What does the Connevans PPS433 system consist of?

Two elements - a pager vibrator, worn or carried by the user, and one or more pager trigger units situated near the source of alert. All Connevans units are battery powered.

What happens?

The pager vibrates when a trigger unit has been activated; there are 3 different vibrating patterns which is especially important for visually impaired people. When several trigger units are in use, the PPS433 pager front panel display shows all the trigger units that are alerting. Not all complete systems do this.

Personal pager bundle for a typical house
This bundle includes all the items you will need to alert you to most common household sounds.

Shipping Discount
(£302.50 ex VAT) Part no: 433Q1
Personal pager bundle for a doorbell
This bundle includes all the items you will need to alert you to your home doorbell.

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(£158.00 ex VAT) Part no: 433Q2


What are the different types of trigger units?

Telephone, Doorbell, Baby Alarm, Switch (any type of external switch or pressure pad etc.), Call, Alarm Clock, Fire, or PIR Intruder - in fact, we at Connevans pride ourselves with being unrivalled in the range of 'triggering situations' we can respond to. The range of Connevans PPS433 trigger units can respond to sound, light, voltage, closing switch or relay connections or even movement. 

If you have an alert situation which does not appear to be catered for from our range, please contact Customer Services on who will then dscuss your requirements with the technical support team.

Can I have more than one trigger unit?

Yes - there is a standard range of triggers but if you have two children for example, then you can have two baby alarm triggers on different channels. The number of the alerting trigger is shown on the pager display.

Can I install the system myself?

Yes, this system is very easy to install and use. Some trigger units are 'plug-in and use', others such as the doorbell trigger can be installed by any average DIYer - there is no involvement with mains wiring. Both the pager vibrator and trigger units are battery powered. 

On-site vibrating paging systems

Deaf and hard of hearing people will be in danger if they cannot hear the standard fire alarms, in office buildings, factories or schools. Installing an on-site vibrating paging system integrated to the commercial fire system provides the ideal solution. A connection to an external system, such as a school bell or call button is also possible. 

PPS433 Personal Pager packages
PPS433 Personal Pager packages
a collection of packages to help make purchase easy
Vibrating pager - PPS433
Vibrating pager - PPS433
at the heart of the PPS433 pager system
Alarm clock trigger unit - PPS433
Alarm clock trigger unit - PPS433
used for timed alerts
Call trigger unit - PPS433
Call trigger unit - PPS433
usually used with supplied nurse call button
External switch trigger unit - PPS433
External switch trigger unit - PPS433
ideal for alerting you when someone enters a room
On-Site Vibrating Pager Systems
On-Site Vibrating Pager Systems
Connevans offer the Scope Communications range of vibrating paging systems for installation in commercial and industrial premises.


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