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Assistive listening - wirefree personal radio aids

Introducing a choice of assistive listening products to help with everyday life. An exciting range of personal radio aid equipment to allow hearing aids to work to the best of their potential. 

All our personal radio aid systems are designed for adults who find it difficult listening from a distance and in noisy environments.
A personal radio aid assistive listening device is effectively a radio microphone to provide arm's length sound quality at much greater distances.

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These personal radio aids can be easily set up/adjusted by the user, they are battery powered and fully portable for use out and about as well as at home.

Here are just some examples of circumstances where people find a personal radio aid can make a big difference:

  • Family gatherings & parties
  • Busy restaurants & pubs
  • One-on-one conversations out & about
  • In the car
  • At the shops
  • Watching TV
  • During committee meetings
  • At lectures or presentations featuring one or more speakers.

In your own daily life you are lightly to find many more situations where your personal radio aid will come into its own.


How is a personal radio aid system used?

The transmitter is worn or held by the person talking (or plugged into the TV/audio source). The receiver and neck loop is worn by the hearing aid user with their hearing aid switched to the 'T' pick-up. Consistent sound will then be heard whatever direction the talker faces and even at a distance from the talker. The system may also be used for listening to the TV.

Radio aids have been used by hearing aid wearers with great benefit in education and business for many years. In fact, many hearing aid users would not have coped at school/college without one. Radio aids are relatively complex and expensive products. Our range of personal radio aid systems are simple to use radio aids with reduced features and a lower price tag.

For hearing aid users, the personal radio aid systems are used either with a neck loop or direct input connection as appropriate. For non hearing aid users, earphones can be used - please note that whilst earphones will lift the volume for listeners with a mild loss they are not a substitute for hearing aids.


Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic & MyLink Receiver (type 03) bundle
Ready-made package - Roger Clip-On Mic transmitter and one Roger MyLink Receiver (type 03)

Shipping Discount
(£405.00 ex VAT) Part no: 3PRQCMY3
Phonak Roger EasyPen and MyLink Receiver (type 03) bundle
Ready-made package - Roger EasyPen transmitter and one Roger MyLink Receiver (type 03)

          1 review

Shipping Discount
(£589.00 ex VAT) Part no: 3PRQEPMY3
Phonak Roger Pen and MyLink Receiver (type 03) bundle
Ready-made package - Roger Pen transmitter and one Roger MyLink Receiver (type 03)

          2 reviews

Shipping Discount
(£616.00 ex VAT) Part no: 3PRQPMY3
Hearing Aid Radio Aid Neck loop fmGenie package - FMGQ2
Radio aid standard package for individuals using a neck loop with their hearing aid on the 'T' setting.

(£648.00 ex VAT) Part no: FMGQ2
Neck loop & conference microphone fmGenie package - FMGQ4-N
for individuals wishing to use a conference microphone for use in meetings, seminars etc with a neck loop

          1 review

(£722.90 ex VAT) Part no: FMGQ4N


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