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I often do not hear the doorbell and miss visitors
This is a very common problem but actually a very easy one to help
Image I have tinnitus, how can I relieve the symptoms?
We have some products that can help by distraction
What products would wake me if there was a fire?
A very important personal safety consideration
I need a louder telephone, what can you offer?
Corded, cordless or amplifiers to boost the volume of your existing phone
I cannot hear the telephone ring
This is another problem that is easy to help
Image Listening to mobile phones with a hearing aid
Most mobile phones cause interference on hearing aids - products to help
I cannot hear my alarm clock & have trouble waking in the morning
Battery & mains clocks - most vibrate, some flash and some are just LOUD!
I cannot always hear my baby crying, is there a product to help?
In addition to conventional sound monitors we have vibrating solutions
I would like help in meetings as I cannot hear what is being said
Meetings are a very difficult situation for hearing aid users, our radio aid systems may not be cheap but they are amazingly effective
When my mother visits she wants the TV so loud that its painful
a common situation not just for visiting relativies but for couples too
hearinga aid cartoon 
Our Connevans information website has some very detailed FAQs of typical problems posed or questions we have been asked and the equipment solution we suggested - follow this link


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