Bluetooth technology is increasing accessibility to mobile phones even further. We now have a really good range of Bluetooth listening methods and we would recommend these as the best solution
The T-Link is used in the same way as a normal hands free kit - the earhook provides the 'T' signal for the hearing aid and there is a microphone in the lead to pick up the voice, just as there is with a conventional hands free kit.

With the T-link kits an adaptor will probably be required - please check availability of a suitable adaptor with your mobile phone supplier before purchase.
The T-Link has a slim silhouette inductor hook that sits beside the hearing aid(s) and has a microphone to pick up the wearer’s voice. It's powered from the phone, has an on-hook/off-hook switch and is used in the same way as a conventional hands free kit. A T-Links has a 2.5mm 3 pole jack plug - an adaptor will be required for use with most phones.  

The binaural T-link kits have two earhooks for those with two hearing aids.

Follow this link to view the PDF product information sheet

In use the mobile phone should be kept as far away from the hearing aid as possible.
Please note that a hearing aid must have a 'T' pickup to use a T-link etc..

Follow this link to find out how a hearing aid 'T' pickup works?

Please note that with the fast changing mobile phone models available, it is possible that the call answer button on the T-Link products will not work on newer mobile phones.  


May 2014: We have been informed by the manufacturer that the T Link range is now 'end of life'. Less and less mobile phones have a 2.5mm connection and either Bluetooth or a 3.5mm connection are now the preferred methods of connection.

T-Link Binaural common kit (C01B) with 2.5mm plug T-Link Binaural common kit (C01B) with 2.5mm plug
T-Link two hearing aids/binaural inductive hands free kit for phones with a standard 2.5mm hands free kit connector socket
(£19.95 ex VAT)

T-Link connection

Our T-Links have a standard 2.5mm (3 pole) plug.
If your mobile does not have a 2.5mm 3 pole socket you will require an adaptor - please check availability of a suitable adaptor with your mobile phone supplier before purchase.


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