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Micro BTE tubes and domes for Phonak hearing aids


These domes and tubes are for use with the Phonak range of micro BTE hearing aids, which are currently:

Fit'nGo Micro tubes:Exelia Art micro / Versata micro / Certena micro / microSaviaArt / microSavia / microEleva / microeXtra / Exelia ART micro petite / Versata micro petite / Certena micro petite / Nathos micro / Nathos M

SlimTubes HE: Bolero Q M312 / Bolero Q M13 / Ambra / Solana / Cassia / Dalia (Petite, Micro M & M H2O models only)  & Phonak Roger Focus 

SlimTubes C: Exelia Art M / Exelia M / Versata Art M /  Versata M / Certena Art M / Certena M / Savia 211 / Savia Art 211 / Eleva 211 / eXtra 211 / miniValeo

These consumable items are supplied as Phonak ‘like for like’ replacements. Please refer all questions as to suitability to your hearing aid advisor/clinic.

If you're not sure which ones you need, please don't guess as you're likely to be wrong! Each range of tubes and domes has different acoustic properties and your hearing aid will have been specifically set up for use with a particular type.

Please talk to your audiologist to confirm before placing your order as due to hygiene reasons, we are unable to have these items returned for credit.




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