Image IR Swift+ system packages
IR Swift and choice of transmitter - ready-made system packages
Image Spares and accessories for use with the IR Swift

Swift to install...simple to set up...easy to use 

...  with the fantastic SwiftTX transmitter!!

The Connevans IR Swift soundfield system is a groundbreaking use of technology to bring superb quality sound within financial reach of every classroom. It's a wireless infra-red soundfield system which benefits both student and lecturer.

Key Features:

  • Excellent speech clarity
  • Virtually no installation - can be hung on a wall or mounted on a shelf stand
  • Stylish design
  • Very low profile - non intrusive speaker unit
  • Shelf stand option (see below)
  • 2 channel receiver - second transmitter may be added for student participation or teaching assistant 
  • Single hyper-wide dispersion speaker unit with NXT technology, creating an effective soundfield from a single speaker
SwiftTX Swift features 
  • Easy to integrate with existing multimedia
  • A hassle free entry into the benefits of soundfield
  • Additional low cost brackets (see below) make relocation easy
  • Compatible with IR Classmate equipment
  • No radio licensing required, any number of IR Swift systems can be used on a site
  • Infra-red technology means no trailing wires to speakers
  • Universal power supply, works in any country
  • Auxiliary output, perfect for radio aid re-broadcasting

Click here to view further information on the IR Swift

Click here for IR Swift quick guide 

Click here to view IR Swift user instructions and installation guide 

The IR Swift is usually best positioned at the opposite end of the classroom to the tutor, above seated head height. This means that when in use, the system actually has two 'speakers' - one is the IR Swift and the other is yourself i.e. there is a sound source at both ends of the room.

We normally find 1.65 metres to the bottom of the bracket a good height.

Image IR Swift+ system packages
IR Swift and choice of transmitter - ready-made system packages
Image Spares and accessories for use with the IR Swift

Technical information:

  • One stereo auxiliary input channel
  • Output for ceiling tile speaker
  • Input for additional infra-red sensor
Height: 380mm
Width: 430mm
Projection from wall: 88mm
Weight: 5.3Kg 
Trademark of New Transducers Limited. Manufactured under NXT Licence. 


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