fmGenie Radio Aid Systems

The Connevans fmGenie is the best quality body-worn fm radio aid to allow hearing aids work to their best ability. The fmGenie is a multichannel system with long battery life, LCD status display and many innovative features.


The fmGenie has superb sound quality, high visual appeal and advanced user features -

we believe the fmGenie to be the best radio aid available.

information icon What is an fmGenie?

How can a Radio Aid System help my hearing aids ?
In crowded situations or when a voice source is more than arms length away, hearing aid users can find background noise levels as loud as the voice they want to hear. A radio aid system greatly improves the clarity of sound by allowing a human voice or another desired sound source, to be fed electronically into the listening device reducing background noise and sound loss between speaker and listener.

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information icon Click here more information on 'the problem with hearing aids'

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Click here to view a letter from an enthusiastic user - 'My Friend the fmGenie'


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Image fmGenie system packages
typical packages to help make purchase easy
Image fmGenie receiver
including specific receiver accessories and spares now with white as standard
Image fmGenie transmitter
including specific transmitter accessories and spares, now with white as standard
Image Accessory packs and add-ons
add extra fmGenie functionality with these system add-on accessory packs
Image Batteries & chargers for fmGenie equipment
rechargeable batteries are favourite
Image Bone conductors for use with fmGenie receiver
they work really well with an fmGenie
Image Bum bags & small waist pouches
ideal for use during the day - available in many sizes and colours
Image Cases for fmGenie equipment
for easy & safe carrying and storing of your equipment
Image Cochlear Implant & BAHA Accessories
a very wide range of leads and accessories for BAHAs and cochlear implants from both Cochlear, Advanced Bionics and Oticon Medical
Image Connecting an fmGenie to external equipment
connect to TV, multimedia etc.
Image Direct input leads for fmGenie receivers
a range of lengths and colours for 1 or 2 hearing aids - filter leads also available
Image Flashes for fmGenie units
customise your fmGenie transmitter or receiver
Image Listening with headphones or earphones
fmGenies can be used with earphones/headphones
Image Microphones for fmGenie (2.5mm plug)
there is a wide choice of fmGenie microphones available
Image Neck loops for fmGenie receivers
for use with hearing aid 'T' pickup
Image Personal Soundfield
gentle sound re-inforcement to help follow the lesson
Image Radio aid instruction guides
easy to follow guidance on setting up and using radio aids
Image System setting & fault finding an fmGenie system
once you have an fmGenie we can help you keep it working
Image Wearing the fmGenie
pouches and harnesses for all occasions
Image Radio aid systems

The information below is in print friendly Acrobat Reader pdf format

information icon An overview of radio aid systems from Connevans

information icon fmGenie information, user guides and courtesy cards




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