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Siemens HearCheck Screener

For both patients and testers alike, identifying hearing loss with the technologically advanced HearCheck Screener is fast, accurate, simple and hygienic. The test can be performed by professionals such as GPs and practice nurses in a mere 30 seconds per ear and the results are available immediately. What is more, with its one-button operation, the HearCheck Screener is extremely easy to use, requiring no special skills.

It features two test frequencies 1kHz, 3kHz with different levels in the range of 20 to 75 dBHL. The HearCheck Screener results can be used to streamline referrals for full audiometric assessment and one of today’s advanced range of digital hearing systems such as open / instant fit or custom earmould models.

Siemens HearCheck Screener
a fast, accurate, simple and safe method of screening for hearing loss - requires no special skills to operate.

(£116.00 ex VAT) Part no: 38SHEARCHECK
Outcome Pad for Siemens HearCheck Screener
Outcome pad of approx. 100 sheets for use with the Siemens HearCheck Screener

(£5.60 ex VAT) Part no: 38SHEARPAD
Ear Cups for Siemens HearCheck Screener - pk 200
Pack of 200 spare/replacement ear cups for use with the Siemens HearCheck Screener

(£95.70 ex VAT) Part no: 38SHEARCUP


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