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"My friend wears a hearing aid but relies a lot on lipreading, what telephone would you recommend?".
As a rule of thumb if a hearing aid user cannot have a conversation without lipreading (easily tried by covering your mouth) they are also unlikely to successfully hold a telephone conversation with a hearing aid compatible telephone. Hearing aid compatible telephones rely on the user’s hearing aids and whilst some telephones give some extra boost in practice this simply helps counteract the loss of speech quality down a telephone line. If you have any concerns about the effectiveness of hearing aids with telephones or other equipment we suggest that you contact your audiologist or hearing therapist for advice or assessment.

"Can I use my textphone or ‘T’ coil telephone on an office digital exchange?".
None of the textphones/telephones are digital but if a conventional telephone, pc modem or FAX can be used at an extension then YES a textphone or hearing aid compatible telephone can be connected.
Most modern telephone systems can have an extension configured to use a Plain Ordinary Telephone. You will also probably be able to use a doubler and have (say) both a textphone and pc modem on the same extension too. Lastly don't forget that it is possible to use an acoustic coupled textphone if you are not able to have a direct connection.

"I have a digital hearing aid, does that mean that I also need a digital phone?".
No – ‘T’ coils in analogue and digital hearing aids work just the same.
"When listening on ‘T’ where should I hold the handset?".
Hold the handset in the usual manner and experiment with moving the earpiece above and below your hearing aid. You will find this changes the volume, simply choose the best sound for you.

"I am having problems with my telephone not ringing?".
There is a limit to the number of devices that you can connect to a single
phone line. Each device (telephone, fax, computer modem, textphone, ringer, flasher etc.) has a ‘REN’ number on it somewhere; the sum of ALL connected devices must not exceed a REN total of 4.

“What is different about an SMS telephone?”
An SMS phone can send and receive SMS Text messages just like a mobile phone and it can be used as an ordinary telephone .

“How much does it cost to send SMS Text messages?”
Sending a text message costs approx. 12p (at the time of going to press) – receiving a message is free.

“Where can an SMS telephone send a readable text?”
An SMS telephone can send readable texts to both mobile and other SMS telephones.

“What happens if I send a text message to an ordinary landline phone?”
The message will be converted to an automated voice and 'delivered' as a 'voice' message next time they pick up the phone. Contact your telephone service provider for more details. 


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