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Signing figurative living puppets

From the Puppet Company, each living figurative puppet has its own character with a lovely friendly face. They are made from a soft, smooth material, giving them a tactile charm which makes everyone (both young and old!) instantly want to pick them up, cuddle them and play with them!

We offer two ranges of figurative hand puppets, large to fit adult hands and medium more suited to children's hands.

Large signing figurative living  puppets
Large signing figurative living puppets
Large signing figurative puppets - approx 65cm - ideal for teachers and parents to use with children. We also have a medium range for children, they are really cute (that's the puppets as well as the children!).
 Medium signing figurative living  puppets
Medium signing figurative living puppets
Medium signing puppets - approx 45cm - with small hand sized gloves they are ideal for children to use themselves
Hand Puppets
Hand Puppets
a selection of animal & hand puppets



Offering amazing dexterity, with an amusing facial expression or lively gesture, these puppets instantly come to life.

Ideal for teaching sign language and fingerspelling to children of all ages, the puppets help create a fun learning environment.

Washable at 30° and made from high quality materials, these puppets are designed for day-to-day use.

All puppets have been tested and given the CE mark of approval of conformity for toys.


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