Hearing aid direct input shoes.

Some hearing aids have a direct connection facility, usually referred to as direct input. This facility allows the direct connection of the hearing aid to other audio equipment via a connector usually referred to as a shoe; thus the name 'Hearing aid direct input shoe'.

Connevans is able to provide, usually from stock, a wide range of hearing aid direct input shoes; many customers find the range of options overwhelming! You can put your shoe against the picture and identify most shoes without difficulty, making re-ordering easier for you and us! If you are unsure what model of hearing aid you have, if may be worth referring back to your hearing aid instructions, which may include the manufacturer's part number for the appropriate shoe. If you are in any doubt, check with your hearing aid manufacturer. 

By each shoe we indicate whether it is compatible for use with 'ear level receivers' such as MLxi, MicroMLxS, MLxS, MLx, Lexis, Amigo, Scola and fmGenie WDI units. 

Please note, that although we usually show two shoes in the picture to give different views, shoes are supplied singly and priced each. Multiple views are shown to help with identification.

Direct input cables will need to be purchased separately and can be found in the section that they would be associated with ...
... ie fmGenie in 'fmGenie radio aid system', CRM-220 in 'CRM-220 radio system' and personal stereo direct input connection leads in 'Help with audio and television'.

faqsConnevans have a particularly good FAQ section which includes answers on hearing aid direct input  follow here to read them and
We've also produced a ' Beginners Guide to Direct Input' which you might find useful if you're new to direct input. 
Image Bernafon - Direct Input Shoes for Hearing Aids
Image GN Resound - Direct Input Shoes for Hearing Aids
Image Oticon - Direct Input Shoes for Hearing Aids
Image Philips - Direct Input Shoes for Hearing Aids
Image Phonak - Direct Input Shoes for Hearing Aids
Image Siemens - Direct Input Shoes for Hearing Aids
Image Starkey - Direct Input Shoes for Hearing Aids
Image Unitron - Direct Input Shoes for Hearing Aids
Image Widex - Direct Input Shoes for Hearing Aids
Image Direct Input Shoes for old NHS Hearing Aids
Image fmAdvantage procedure booklet
step by step guide for using a hearing aid test box to set up hearing aids for use with fm radio systems
Image Cochlear implant leads and accessories
accessories for Nucleus 5, Freedom, ESPrit etc - fm systems work really well with cochlear implants
Image Phonak hearing aid remote controls
Remote controls for Phonak hearing aids
Image Stetoclip hearing aid listeners
a stetoclip allows a normally hearing person to monitor the performance of a hearing aid
Image Personal stereo direct input leads
those with direct input hearing aids can listen directly to equipment with a headphone socket - *now available in white!*
Image Phonak Cleansing & Care Line
a range of Phonak hearing aid care & maintenance products and cleaning accessories - including Wind & Weather protectors
Image Phonak hearing aid accessories
ComPilot, iView and other Phonak hearing aid accessories
Image Phonak radio aid systems
Roger inspiro & Roger Pen, Roger X, Roger integrated receivers and a wide range of Phonak spares and accessories etc.
Image Micro BTE tubes and domes
a range of domes and micro tubes for BTE hearing aids without an earmould


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