Phonak Radio Aid Systems

The Phonak FM product range opens up a whole new world of hearing. Phonak, well known for their hearing aids, have used their microelectronics resources to develop the unique Roger digital wireless technology and highly miniaturised radio aid systems.

The Phonak miniature ear level receivers are ideally suited for teenagers and mature hearing aid users and offers a very cosmetically discreet system - the radio receiver simply plugs directly into a direct input shoe which in turn connects to the hearing aid or Baha.

Together with a transmitter the Phonak radio aid offers a system with an exceptionally cosmetic receiver and a smart transmitter with variable microphone pick-up characteristics. The look of the micro receivers makes the system immediately attractive, however it is not suited to all users due to functional limitations and the potential ease of losing the receiver.

How can a Radio Aid System help?
In crowded situations or when a voice source is more than arms length away, hearing aid users can find background noise levels as loud as the voice they want to hear. A radio aid system greatly improves the clarity of sound by allowing a human voice or another desired sound source, to be fed electronically into the listening device, reducing background noise and sound loss between speaker and listener.


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How to choose - Roger or fm?

laptopIf starting a completely new system... begin by selecting the most appropriate transmitter for you. If your transmitter choice is Roger then choose Roger receivers - they will be future proofed and have the latest features and benefits. If a non Roger transmitter is more appropriate, then match this with traditional fm receivers;  Phonak traditional fm equipment will be available and supported for many years to come.

If you are currently using inspiro Premium transmitters... you can use either Roger or fm ear level receivers. Once you have done the firmware upgrade to make your inspiro Premium a Roger inspiro, you can run Roger and fm side by side without interference. Having said that, there are operational advantages of users in a class all having the same equipment.

If you are currently using SmartLink+/ZoomLink+/EasyLink+transmitters... then traditional fm is the route for you. Roger receivers are not compatible with these transmitters.


Image Phonak Roger
the Phonak Roger system works on a brand new digital wireless standard which brings excellent sound quality and improved signal-to-noise ratio.
Image Roger radio aid system bundles
Ready-made bundles for different situations - making it easy to choose the Roger system you need.
Image Phonak Dynamic FM transmitters, receivers & spares
Dynamic FM - inspiro Premium, SmartLink+, ZoomLink+, EasyLink+ and MLxi receivers
Image Phonak Roger Dynamic SoundField
ideal for schools already using Phonak's Roger inspiro radio aids
Image Phonak Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories
The Phonak ComPilot/ComPilot II/ComPilot Air II bring together the accessibility of wireless connectivity, Bluetooth compatibility and the convenience of a remote control, all in one simple, attractive streaming device. Also includes RemoteMic II & TV Link II
Image Phonak Wireless Telephone Accessories
the Phonak Dect Phone and the EasyCall mobile phone accessory
Image Phonak hearing aid remote controls
Remote controls for Phonak hearing aids
Image Phonak spares and accessories
a range of spares and accessories for Phonak products, including the 'classic' fm transmitters
Image Phonak Cleansing & Care Line
a range of Phonak hearing aid care & maintenance products and cleaning accessories - including Wind & Weather protectors
Image Phonak Junior
a fun range of care & maintenance products for young children and teenagers
Image Micro BTE tubes and domes for Phonak hearing aids
a range of Micro BTE tubes and domes
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